wake up 🎧


on rotation this morning. wake up is a collection of covers of socially/politically conscious soul classics from the sixties and seventies. really dope. check it out if you haven’t already.

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midnight tea

school kids street art

searching for sugar man

searching for sugar man is an amazing documentary. it unfolds an unbelievable tale of an incredible artist with an inspiring story. it’s a must see for any music lover.

midnight marauders

midnight trips to the beach are the best. oh summer, i’m gonna miss you.


it was a summer of rooftops and hearts that broke by the water. we stayed up late just to keep the sun from rising— it rose anyway, but we liked the challenge. night after night we surrendered to the flowers that bloomed, only after the rest of the world was asleep. we plucked them from their stems only to have them thrown away. our bare feet searched for sand, searched for grass, searched for pavement— anything that would take us somewhere else. we found disappointment in the reddening sun of august, but we whispered our apologies to the wind in hopes that something we couldn’t see would forgive us. I think we were forgiven. and I think more than anything we found a way to forgive ourselves. amidst the salt-filled hair and tan lines, we found the secret of every summer we had ever lived: they were each their own separate lifetime, completely separate from one another. as summer begins taking it’s last breath, I am finding ways to rid myself of this life’s mistakes and ways to preserve it’s triumphs because my god, for awhile we sure gave the heat a run for it’s money.

i’m very much in my element when i’m by the water. i swear i was a mermaid in my past life :)

positive vibrations

make way for a positive day.

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if it wasn’t for these pictures, they wouldn’t see me at all.


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